About me

Photo of Lara Christley
Photo of Lara Christley

My Vision

Know yourself. Be your best. Do your best.

My Mission

I help people focus their efforts on their greatest talents. In doing so, we lead happier, more productive and engaged lives.

My Top 5

LEARNER Learning new things energizes me. I love to read and soak up new information. I have a wide range of interests.

RELATOR I am selective in the relationships I put time into and develop. It is important for me to have fewer, deeper relationships.

ACHEIVER At the end of the day I want a list of things I have accomplished in front of me. I am a hard worker with great stamina.

RESPONSIBILITY My commitments are important to me. Because of this I am highly dependable and reliable.

ACTIVATOR Movement towards my goals or tasks is important to me. I do not need to wait for every detail to be ironed out. Rather, I will make a decision and start working towards it immediately. Waiting can be frustrating for me.

(MAXIMIZER) I do not like mediocrity. I work hard and want my finished product to be excellent. I prefer to work with good and move it to great.

My Story

In 2006 I worked in northern New Jersey for a company that was a strengths-based organization. From when an employee came through the door to ongoing, daily coaching to performance reviews and goal setting, this company used strengths. They did this because it improves their bottom line. This was the first time I heard about the approach and I loved it.

I am particularly interested in working with the Manufacturing/Building trades.  In a previous life I was the Academic Advisor for technical education programs at MCTC. I have a deep admiration for skilled trades and the value they bring to our society.

I also have a background working in higher education. I think this is a great tool for students in 2 or 4 year colleges to use to help them excel in the classroom and transition to employment.

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